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Authorial photographs available in form of collector’s photography prints on archival paper in limited editions. All presented photographs were originally taken analog on films.

Every work was created out of a fascination and passion for essence of nature. Each series of works come from personal projects, whose source is experiencing and feeling of various layers of the space of nature - both the external and the internal. More information about the series of works can be found about at the link ︎︎︎ Projects.

More works to Shop will be add with time. If you are interested in any special photograph outside the current offer or some special orders contact me.

I Am My Home

︎︎︎ about the series

11921, I Am My Home


14533-1609, I Am My Home

“14533 / 1609”

12714, I Am My Home


12728, I Am My Home


13814, I Am My Home


14816, I Am My Home


15036, I Am My Home


15228-15922, I Am My Home

“15228 / 15922”

15336, I Am My Home


1570-15717, I Am My Home

“1570 / 15717”

1584, I Am My Home


16433, I Am My Home


© 2021-2022 Agnieszka Gotowała

© 2021-2022 Agnieszka Gotowała