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I Am My Home

photography series ︎ 2016-2019

“I Am My Home” is the part of the personal process of searching for inner home in reference to the multidimensional relation with nature. It’s a journey into the depths of nature, into the depths of self, which contains the elements of transformation. Norway, where I’m starting to return to after many years, constitute the background of the changes. Experiencing the complexity of nature, all its elements, cyclicality and intensity becomes a guidepost in recognize and familiarize hidden internal states. Feeling what was forgotten takes the form of a kind of ritual, which I touch the subconscious layers of myself in. This practice becomes the element of the process of feeling, getting to know and accepting myself...

This is the fragment from my latest long-term series of works. The complete project will be release very soon.

Below there is the documentation from the first exposure of this project. The exhibition took place in the gallery ︎︎︎ Miejsce Przy Miejscu in Wroclaw in Poland at the end of 2019 and begining of 2020

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