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Nothing Has Changed

photography series ︎ 2013-2014

It’s a journey into the area of memory and forgetting, that reveals the expanse of overlapping fragments of memories and fascination with primordial of both human being and nature itself. This primordiality is associated for me not only with animal instinct, but also with a sense of ephemeral and variability of nature, as well as its constant periodicity, in which human nature seems to be beyond the sense of linear time.

I’m guided by the desire to touch these losted connections with nature, just such primeval, not dictated ones, that give support to belonging to this world, despite the fact that they are now forgotten. They are resided in the nooks of memory and body and the exploration of these areas of memories seems to be on the verge of reality and illusion, a constant relation between what is hidden and revealed.

This project is the personal record of following the inner need for support in something known, but lost and forgotten. The point of reference is discovering trust to nature that establishes own soul. And it helps to bring her back to the present body.

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