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installation ︎ 2013

object from oak leaves ︎ diam. ca. 12 cm

The work refers to the syndrome of searching related to the feeling of home in the context of nature as a form inadequate to direct characterize. Home as an inner state, as a fixed reference point in the circumstances of the heterogeneous space around. When during being a long time on the road, thoughts revolve around issues of the place, own space, which you want to come back to for a while. This need combined with the original instinct to return to its territory after leaving it. And basically the release if this need, related to the sense of immersion in own space and the penetration the nature itself. In German, the approximate meaning is given by the word „waldeinsamkeit”, which refers to the feeling of loneliness in the wood and the same time to the deep relationship with nature. It indicates both a sense of solitude in the forest and unity with nature.

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