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Birth From The Tree

photography ︎ 2017

I have my secret tree.
Not that far
at the end of the world
Nothing is there, everything is there
I extract the deep hidden memory of the body,
which gives the form to the space
and conversely
Solidifying becomes an illusion
I ask where does it end and start
Seemingly dead elements of the landscape are constantly reborn
not necessarily in the present time
And their touch becomes more real than reality

“In alchemy, the psychological meaning of "birth from a tree" or from flowers comes to the fore. Such births are always the final result of evolution and transformation processes, processes that cannot be attributed to the animal sphere of impulses. It comes from psychic layers in which - as in a plant - the elements are synthesized, which during the transformation under the aegis of the unconscious receive unity and a new form.” - „The Great Mother” by Erich Neumann

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